Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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More Writing Help Coming Soon

First of all, for those who have been visiting my freelance writing blog, I want to thank everyone who has visited this freelance writing page, checked back for updates, and sent me messages as many of you have really started out. This freelance writing help website is definitely a passion for me, and it's been extremely encouraging to hear from all of you and to know I've really helped to amke a difference. Thank you all so much :)!!

A lot of you have been especially interested in Constant-Content, and I can't say I blame you.

After several more months, I actually prefer CC to even Guru and Elance. Guru and Elance are better for jumping into writing full time, but if you're looking for a supplemental income or part time writing income, Constant-Content is a pretty darn good deal.

And if you're on six months unemployment and desperate to get moving, CC is a good supplement while you're slowly building your reputation on the auction based freelance writing sites.

This summer I have a ton of things on my plate, so this will be a while yet, but I am hoping before the end of August to write a step by step guide on how to make some good money at Constant Content. I've tried to provide a lot of good information on this page, but CC is one of those that could easily have a 50 page tutorial on the best ways to use that site and still not completely scratch the surface.

So I'll be working on an e-book that I'll hopefully make available this fall. CC has a $50 threshold for payment, but this is not at all hard to hit if you know what you're doing, and unlike building for Adsense, you should be able to hit that mark the very first month you sign up.

So if you've been here before, that's my next project for you to look forward to. If you haven't, please read the rest of this page and use the information to get you going. I've had tons of great comments and e-mails from people, and each one has been a blessing.

So thanks again, and keep an eye out for the Constant-Content ebook which will be out soon.