Friday, December 18, 2009

Are College Earnings a Lie?

College Earnings: Million Dollar Lie?

I was stumbling through HubPages just kind of looking around (and if you've never been there, it's a great site to find all kinds of interesting information), and I stumbled on a page that was all about the famous "Million $" figure for how much college grads earn over a lifetime over someone who doesn't graduate college. I've always found this to be very suspect - especially considering the sheer number of friends I have who couldn't land a good job out of college, had to stay with menial labor after graduating (after college I spent 14 months at a gas station I had worked at for 3 years to just get through college), and the sheer number of us who have been laid off while my high school buddies who went blue collar are working and doing fine.

So the writers of this page, apparently they found the true government study that's always quoted when talking about the million dollar figure, and they tore it to pieces to show how it's all propaganda. Usually I'm iffy on claims like that, but they link to the study itself and make some great points that are easy to see and understand.

So guys, seriously, take a look at this page all about college as a million dollar lie.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Favorite Writing Desks

Good Office Writing Desks

As anyone who has followed me for any amount of time probably already knows, I'm a huge fan of good writing desks, and particularly those that are made of good solid wood. This is one of the reasons that aside from mahogany writing desks, which seem to be harder and harder to find by the day, that my favorite overall pieces of office furniture are by far and away cherry writing desks. Cherry is a beautiful and colored wood that brings a professional aesthetic air to any office desk. This is the same reason I enjoy mahogany along with cherry wood.

While there are many pieces of wood furniture that can be made into beautiful pieces from oak, walnut, maple, ash, or other types of timber, there is something special about the aesthetics that certain types of wood can bring out in an office or home setting. Cherry has a dark natural color that puts it in a rare category of timber. While some people prefer other choices, it's hard to argue with desks made from natural wood being less attractive than simple modern desks made from glass or the cheap Wal-Mart pieces of crap made from easily breakable fiberboard.

The fact that cherry wood writing desks can last for years or even generations is another bonus that should not be overlooked. This type of furniture is durable and can be a living monument to family history. That's a whole heck of a lot more than you can ever expect from some cheap replica desk from Wal-Mart or Office Max.