Friday, March 6, 2009

Writing Desks Freaking Rock!

Writing Desks: Great Furniture

Maybe it's because I always loved writing, but writing desks to me have always been the coolest type of furniture. They're stylish, some of the antique models still look good even when they're hundreds of years old, and a good writing desk is one of the few pieces of furniture that looks good in any room.

It is kind of weird, since nowadays I'm often on a computer. While I love the old school desks with pull out hutches and intricate wood work, these types of writing desks simply aren't designed for use with modern computers and/or laptops. This is a shame, because I love the old school looks from the older style, antique writing desks, a lot better than the modern versions. Often times the modern writing desks are overly simple - a lot like a normal computer desk. While this is much more functional, it really takes away from the sophisticated look that the old school designs offer.

Still, there are some really great looking cherry wood desks, or intricately carved Italian writing desks that look fantastic and still have some holes drilled out in some inconspicuous places to allow for the necessary cables, but like too many things, it seems like function is beating out form.

With writing desks, I think that's a damn shame.