Monday, February 22, 2010

Styrofoam Glue?

Styrofoam Epoxies Blog

Okay, call me a dork, a geek, a shameless self promoter, but many times when I make a niche blog, it's because I find out something that seems odd, weird, funny, strange, etc. Apparently I find more things in life that fit under that category than about anyone else, because that's exactly the reason that I started a niche blog all about Styrofoam glue. Yes, you read that right. There is a such thing as Styrofoam glue.

The obvious use for such an adhesive has to be in model sculpting and building. There are other types of hobbies and crafts that also use this type of epoxy. Scrap booking, home decorating, florals, model building, are all examples of crafts that use this adhesive in some way or another. There are several different companies who make Styrofoam glue, and who can provide various methods of administering it.

Styrofoam bits are often used for insulation, but if you need a good glue that works for Styrofoam arts and crafts, then look no further than the best Styrofoam adhesive.