Friday, January 22, 2010

3 Brands of Snake Boots

There are many companies that sell snake proof boots, but I only want to discuss 3 snake boot companies. You see, I am not brave enough to go out and test the claims of all these companies, so I have to rely on the facts as they are presented, and these companies had some compelling facts about snake boots.

Gokey Snakeproof Boots are hunting style boots with a long 17" zipper up the back, which means the boot is high enough to protect the lower leg. And, according to Gokey, they have been tested with over 100 strikes without failing. They are available in traditional leather uppers or the lighter weight material used in bullet proof vests.

Chippewa 17" Snakeproof boots are made with cordura and leather and fully lined with leather to prevent snake fangs from penetrating through. According to Chippewa, they are the best selling snake boot in America for both men and women.

Irish Setter 17" Wingshooter DSS Viper 811 Snakeboot is waterproof as well as snake proof and are made with a snakeguard internal membrane, waxed cotton and leather. Irish Setter says the dynamic suspension system shank manages foot pressure by absorbing shock and helps to reduce fatigue.

What I want in a snake proof boot is absolute protection, comfort, and durability. These three companies promise all that and more. If you are searching for a new pair of boots for the wild, you can't go wrong with a pair of snake proof boots from one of these 3 snake boot companies.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Love

College Truths?

There is a lot said about college, but so much of it turns out to be untrue, misinformed, or purely outdated. I think that 3rd one gets people in the most trouble compared to the others. So every great once in a while someone comes out and tells things the way they really are...and usually gets booed off stage. It's like Mason Prophet's "2 Hangmen" all over again. Decades later no one learns. Still, I'm one who still believes that courage should be rewarded, so although this post is going to be a little bit short, it's going to give out some link love to some guys who apparently have the guys to call things as they see them.

So to the fellas of Truth Exposed Publishing, this one's for you:

College Sucks

The Million Dollar College Lie

Truth About Women and College

Community College Is the Way to Start

I'm sure there will be a lot more in the future, but hopefully that's the kind of little boost that will get these guys to a bigger stage where they can preach a modern gospel that needs to be heard. I hate injustice, and I hate when innocent people are scammed. The way the college picture is painted while huge life changing facts are completely ignored to me is an outright scamming of young 16-18 year olds who should have the rest of their lives ahead of them . Tell it as it is guys, and keep on going. Oh yeah, one more:

Master Dayton Freelance Writing for Beginners

Preach on good brothers, preach on.