Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pink Sing A Ma Jigs Review

If you want to find a fun and different type of toy for a gift, than picking the Pink Sing A Ma Jig is one excellent solution. The Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jig is not only unique because of the way it looks, but it is also very unique in the features it has. It is a great singing toy that does not cost a ton of money, and when you combine that with it being made out of a fantastic plush material, you can see why so many people really enjoy having these items.

As you can tell by the name, one of the unique features of these toys that are really popular is the ability for the Pink Sing A Ma Jigs to sing. Each different color has a different tune to sing, and the pink ones sing the song "Skip to My Lou." While singing might be the most popular feature of this toy, it does also have the ability to talk in its unique language. Kids love toys that can talk, especially younger kids, and the ability to sing is just an added bonus that is really appreciated.

The color is also fantastic. Pink is certainly more popular with young girls, and this neat shade of pink is sure to make them very happy. Also the unique look these stuffed toys have, and by that I mean not being an identifiable animal such as a bear, makes it very easy for children to use their imaginations when playing with them. The Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs also have a neat polka dotted shirt that has multiple colors on it. This added splash of color adds a lot to the look of these items.

These items are durable, well priced, look great, and help kids use an active imagination when playing with them. What more could parents ask from a toy? Kids love them, parents love them, and you can easily see how they became so popular. If you want a neat and unique gift for a special child you know, this is a perfect option for you.